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October 19,2021

Winter or summer, due to its unique design and flavor, ice cream has been popular among young people. Consequently, the demand of ice cream cups  and lids are increasing. As a fast consumable, lids for ice cream can find in every rubbish. Does it pollute environment? Stackable paper lid for ice cream cup works.


stackable paper lid for ice cream cup


The material of the ice cream paper lid


Ice cream cup paper lids are manufactured and packaged using pulp extracted from natural sources. Under high-quality control and high standard, we ensure that all ice cream cup paper lids are fresh, tidy and clean to use.


Since ice cream cup paper lids are made of natural pulp, this means that they do not contain any petrochemicals, such as plastics or related products, which are generally considered unsuitable for serving hot food.


Moreover, this material is degradable and will not cause any damage to the environment. We know that it takes at least 100 years for plastic to be degraded, and during the process, it will continue to pollute the environment. As an alternative to plastic paper lids, ice cream paper lids are the best choice for manufacturers.


Why use a stackable paper lid for ice cream cup?


 We know that ice cream lid is a one-time product, a large amount of use will lead to a surge of garbage. Biodegradable materials can perfectly solve this problem. The degradable paper lid refers to a paper lid that is easily integrated with the surrounding environment in a natural environment, thereby chemically degrading into carbon dioxide and water, thereby achieving the effect of not polluting the environment. The degradable paper lid is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, starch, etc. Of course, any materials should not be thrown away randomly, and should be actively sorted and recycled to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.


Features of ice cream paper lid


  • Sturdy to ensure a perfect fit in the ice cream bucket


  • Brand promotion: various graphics and printing functions-matte, gloss, embossing hot stamping


  • Size: Customized, we have many sizes to choose from.We can provide us with your requirements


  • Appearance: Customized, whether it is color or pattern, you can provide us withyour unique design


Plastic lid V.S. Paper lid


Plastic lids are widely known for their use with ice cream sundaes and banana chips. They are perfect for these snacks because the transparent plastic allows your customers to see all the toppings. This is a visual enjoyment, but also a delicacy! However, the drawback is obvious, it can’t degrade in a short period.


Stackable paper lid for ice cream cups have slightly thicker lids than plastic ice cream cups, so they are more suitable for take-out or cartons. In addition, ice cream paper lids have more pattern choices. You can print various patterns to attract customers' attention and interest.


✅Where to get high quality stackable paper lid for ice cream cup?


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