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October 19,2021

The PE film on the inner wall of disposable ice cream paper bowl generally has the effect of preventing water immersion, so that the paper bowl is water-proof, water-proof, oil-proof and acid resistant. Better protect the food in the paper bowl without spilling or soaking the food to dirty consumers' clothes and hands, so that consumers can maintain a good mood in the process of enjoying delicious food!


In fact, the topic about the safety of disposable paper bowls has not stopped. Everyone is eager to know the correct answer. What kind of paper bowl is a safe paper bowl that can be used safely without worrying about its harm to health?


ice cream paper bowl


How can we choose the ice cream paper bowl?


First look: first, look at the color of the disposable ice cream paper bowl. Don't think the more white the disposable paper cup is, the better. The whiter and brighter may add a lot of fluorescent agents. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, they will become a potential carcinogen.


Second pinch: then pinch the stiffness of the bowl body. If the bowl is soft and collapsed, it is likely that the bowl will deform and leak after putting in the ice cream. In serious cases, the bowl end may not rise, affecting the use. Then consumers can imagine that some manufacturers make disposable paper bowls in this way, which saves much more in cost than the bowls made by regular manufacturers. When consumers buy disposable paper bowls, they can feel the stiffness of the bowl by gently squeezing them on both sides of the bowl.


Third smell: smell gently with your nose after you get the bowl. If you can smell a heavy smell of ink or a musty smell caused by improper preservation of disposable paper bowls, discard them quickly and do not use them. If the bowl has a serious ink smell, it must not be a food grade ink. If it is an industrial ink, it contains benzene and toluene. The disposable paper bowls are stacked together with 25-100 when packing. If it is an industrial ink, the paper bowls will be stacked against the inner wall of the bowl, which is harmful to health. Moldy disposable paper bowls will produce molds, which will inevitably affect consumers' health after entering the body through drinks.


Forbidden area for using ice cream bowl


Three no products do not buy


Consumers should try to go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy paper bowls, and give priority to well-known brand products rather than three noes products. According to the requirements of the State Administration of market supervision, food paper packaging containers, including paper bowls, must have QS marks before they can be sold. Consumers should pay attention to them when purchasing. The name, address and contact information of the manufacturer, production license number and other information shall be clearly marked on the paper bowl product or label. If the content is not marked completely, it is best not to buy it. In addition, when consumers buy paper bowls, they can also take a light under a fluorescent lamp. If there is an obvious blue reaction, they should buy them carefully.


Paper bowls should not be used to hold wine


When using the paper bowl, try to contain the corresponding food according to the packaging identification instructions, use it according to the indicated service temperature, and do not put it into the microwave oven for heating. Paper bowls are not suitable for containing alcoholic drinks. Alcohol has strong permeability and is easy to cause leakage; It is also not suitable for containing foods with a temperature higher than 100 ℃, such as hot oil, which is easy to affect the health of users. If food and drinks are put into the paper bowl, they should be eaten as soon as possible to avoid deterioration of food in the paper bowl for a long time.


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