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October 20,2021

Ice cream is the favorite of many people, especially children. At present, most of the ice cream sold on the market are packaged in plastic paper. When people eat, they first open the whole plastic paper, throw the plastic paper into the dustbin, and then throw the ice cream stick into the dustbin. In this way, once you eat ice cream, you have to throw away the garbage twice. Sometimes children throw it away when they can't find the garbage can. In addition, if children eat while walking, ice cream will easily drip everywhere and even dirty their clothes.


Therefore, an ice cream cup appears on the market to solve the problems of high frequency of garbage throwing and random dripping of ice cream liquid when eating ice cream. The ice cream cup comprises a cup body and a stick body; The cup body is divided into a first cup body and a second cup body; One side of the first cup body is connected with the corresponding side of the second cup body; The connecting part of the first cup body and the second cup body is provided with a hole body; The rod body passes through the hole body and is fixedly connected with the first cup body and the second cup body respectively. The hole body is arranged in the middle of the connecting part. The middle part of the stick body is fixedly connected with the first cup body and the second cup body respectively. The shape of the first cup and the second cup is rectangular, which is convenient for the cup to be opened and closed from both sides. The cup body is hard plastic and has a certain thickness. The packaging paper made of this material is not easy to deform and can better ensure the sealing effect.


sealable/rectangular ice cream cup




The ice cream cup and ice cream stick are designed as a whole. When eating ice cream, the cup can be opened and closed from the middle to both sides. After opening, the cup is divided into two parts to catch the liquid after the ice cream melts. You can eat by holding the ice cream stick protruding from the bottom of the cup. After eating the ice cream, close the cup to prevent the liquid from flowing out, Then throw the whole cup into the dustbin, which will not pollute the dustbin, and you only need to throw it once. If you don't find the trash can after eating ice cream, you won't get your hands dirty even hold the ice cream cup.


There are also some special types of ice cream cups on the market, which are funnel-shaped or slender flute shaped. For example, sundae ice cream is usually served in funnel-shaped ice cream cups.


The characteristic of sundae ice cream is that it can hold a lot of things. Put a few spoonfuls of ice cream in the container and add other ingredients, such as nuts, hot fudge and fruit. In order to hold all these things, sundae ice cream cups are usually wider than ordinary glasses and have larger edges. The main part of a more fashionable glass may have the shape of a funnel or thimble. If the things in the cup are as long as bananas, they may also be rectangular. Sundae ice cream glasses are usually shorter than ordinary glasses, enabling customers to better touch and mix ingredients.


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