Sowinpak Food Packaging Advantages

August 23,2022

Packaging plays a very important role in commodities no matter what period. Although it is not the leading role, its role can not be replaced. Product packaging is not only convenient packaging of goods but also the most direct and vivid reflection of corporate image. Sowinpak has been engaged in food packaging for 14 years. Safe materials and good quality are our bottom line. We are also developing the function and vision of packaging.




Let's learn about the features of our products this time.


Good sealing, anti-leakage


If you've ever ordered takeout, or if you're a business owner, you've probably had this problem. Many takeout packages have poor sealing and are easy to come out, which not only brings great trouble to the delivery boy but also brings bad experience and inconvenience to customers. However, these bad experiences will be attributed to the merchants. The taste of food and the intentions of the merchants should not be affected by the selection of outer packaging.


Sowinpak packaging can be perfect to avoid these problems. Paper cover and PP cover, double selection, barrel mouth flat edge, increase the contact area, with better sealing, anti-leakage.


Heat resistant, microwavable


  1. Plain plastic container


Heated food can deform plastic containers and release toxic substances, contaminating food and endangering human health.


  1. Metal ware


Because put the vessel such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and enamel are inside the furnace. The microwave oven is heating meeting with its generation electric spark and reflection microwave, damaging the furnace body already cannot heat food again.


  1. Close the container


When heating liquid, a wide-mouth container should be used, because the heat generated by food heating in a closed container is not easy to be distributed. So the pressure in the container is too high, and it is easy to cause blasting accidents.


  1. Food bottles with narrow necks


Even when the lid is opened, it expands due to pressure, causing an explosion. Do not use half-full bottles of baby food with the lid open or put the original bottle into the oven to heat up, to avoid the bottle breaking.


  1. Bamboo, lacquer, and other heat-resistant containers, with concave and convex glass products


Should not be used in the microwave oven. A porcelain plate should not be rimmed with gold or silver.


Sowinpak can microwave a series of products, microwave in a Microwaves oven can prevent heat, can be directly taken out by hand, will not produce toxic harmful body components, and will not damage the microwave oven.


Waterproof and oil


Visual PET (all kinds of food, drugs, non-toxic and sterile packaging materials) /PLA window opening, better show the delicious food, although it is a carton, we have the characteristics of waterproof and oil proof. The delivery also increased a lot convenience. In addition to being more environmentally friendly than other materials, we also have the characteristics of waterproof and oil-proof of other materials. Even for the carton, we also have four sides of the box body buckle sealing edge, more effectively prevent food overflow, convenient packaging, to save time for merchants.


Any packaging is a direct way to add value to the product, but also a way to publicize the brand image to reflect the brand value, food packaging is no exception. Choose a trustworthy, high-quality food packaging, that can improve the visual beauty of food, vision is often to attract customers to buy desire, better promote sales. Sowinpak packaging in R & D, production, design, and sales are their professional team, better and more professional service to our customers.