Precautions For Printing Disposable Ice Cream Cups

October 28,2021

Disposable ice cream cups are widely used in our life. Many manufacturers like to print the words or patterns they want when they customize them. Including the fact that many foreign customers often respond to color difference in printing after purchasing PLA paper cups. In order to avoid the severity of color difference as much as possible, let me briefly tell you the matters needing attention in printing disposable ice cream cups:


ice cream cup


🔷Try not to use a full color disposable ice cream cup.


The ink of full-color disposable ice cream cup is stacked too heavy, and the disposable ice cream cup is directly sealed and packaged. The organic compounds emitted by solvent ink in the drying process, isopropanol in alcohol wetting solution and volatile gas of glazing coating are harmful to human health. In the sealed space, the background color of the full version disposable ice cream cup covers the whole cup body. When we use the disposable ice cream cup, our lips will contact a certain position of the cup mouth, which is easy to bring the above chemicals into the body and affect our health. Therefore, we generally suggest that when designing and making disposable ice cream cups, it should not be designed into full color, and the smaller the color block, the better. Similarly, it is not suitable to design graphics near the cup mouth, especially block color ink. Otherwise, it will have the same bad effect.


🔷For the strip near the bottom of the cup, the text design shall be raised by 5mm.


Because after the cup piece is put on the machine, 5mm at the bottom of the cup shall be pressed to ensure the firmness of the cup bottom. However, the graphics and words near the cup bottom are easy to be scratched by the high temperature and pressure of the machine, which affects the beauty. Therefore, when designing and making graphics, the text bar patterns near the cup bottom should be raised by about 5mm according to the height of the cup bottom.


🔷Try to minimize the superposition of four colors.


If CMYK four colors are superimposed, most of them are black. Like the registered color and cmyk3939, try to superimpose two primary colors. If you must superimpose four colors and have high color requirements, please proofing. Color proofing is a method of printing when printing cups.


🔷Less than 100000 disposable ice cream cups are made by making up.


Considering the color of each picture on a plate, it will also produce a little color difference. Try to reduce the color difference of four-color synthesis. Printing will reduce the color difference.


🔷The paper used for PLA disposable ice cream cup is pitted surface, which is the same as double offset paper, and the coated paper is relatively light.


On the coated paper, there is coating for reflection, so there are two color cards on the printing, one is C surface, the other is u surface, C surface is smooth surface, and u surface is pitted surface. The color printed on the paper cup will be dimmed because it is pitted surface, which is not as bright as the coated paper. Therefore, when designing, the feeling of bright design will be good.


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