Pay Attention to the Selection of Disposable Tableware! You must Know these Three Points!

June 21,2022

Disposable dining utensils are usually made of plastic and paper. Common disposable plastic dining utensils include bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons and straws. Disposable paper dining utensils include paper cups, paper bowls, paper lunch boxes, etc. So, how to choose disposable tableware? What are the precautions?


Disposable Tableware


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Disposable tableware (including plastic and paper materials) are within the scope of production license management. When purchasing, consumers should carefully check whether the package has QS mark, applicable temperature, shelf life and other information. Try to choose disposable tableware with uniform color, flat surface, smooth edge and no decorative pattern.


Avoid buying products that are too soft


The paper cup or plastic cup with poor cup body stiffness is soft to pinch, and the load-bearing performance is often not up to the standard. After pouring water or drink, it will be seriously deformed when it is brought up, and some even can not be brought up. If it is filled with boiled water, it is easy to cause scalding.


Pay attention to distinguish materials and uses


Paper cups are usually marked with whether they can contain hot drinks. Some cold drink cups and ice cream cups are coated with edible wax. When the temperature of hot drinks exceeds 70 ℃, the wax layer on the surface of paper cups is easy to melt and mix into food, affecting the taste and health safety.


There will be a triangle symbol at the bottom of the plastic cup, which represents the material and use conditions of the cup. Generally, disposable plastic cups in the market are made of PP (No. 5) and PS (No. 6).


PP (polypropylene) material is safe and non-toxic. It can withstand a high temperature of about 130 ℃. It can hold boiling water and hot drinks under normal use. PS (polystyrene) material is generally used to hold cold or warm drinks.


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