Must-see ice cream packaging materials

August 10,2021

Large/Single serving/Mini ice cream cupIce cream is very popular in winter and summer. I like ice cream with the white rabbit flavor(Chinese candy) the most. They make me happy. In winter, I like mini ice cream cup instead single and large serving, because it can restrict me from eating too much. After all, winter is not good for my stomach.


Ice cream is a very attractive and delicious frozen dairy product. Its history in China can be traced back to the pre-Qin era. There are also many packaging types and packaging materials for ice cream, which you can easily get in this article.


Ice cream packaging types

The types of ice cream packaging on the market can be roughly divided into cups, tubes, batches, boxes, barrels, etc. Among them, cups, tubes, and batches are the most common retail small-package ice creams in the market. In terms of method, carton and barrel ice cream are generally medium and large-volume packaging for families and large-scale ice specialty stores.



environmental protection ice cream cup

Packaging material

Cup packaging materials are mostly plastic containers made of polyethylene, with round, square, cone and other shapes. This kind of plastic container has an easy-to-open and easy-to-close lid, and is printed with color to prevent Light and radiant heat damage ice cream. Some containers are made of polystyrene foam with a polyethylene film inside. Foam plastic is a semi-rigid foam material with many closed foam granular structures on the surface. This white opaque packaging material can be dyed in various colors. This kind of container is very light, low in cost, good in heat preservation and shock resistance, and has a good effect on maintaining the quality and shape of ice cream.


Ice cream cones and batches are usually packaged simply in polyethylene bags or soft paper-plastic composite materials, and the price is relatively low. At present, a "TPR" green packaging material has been newly developed on the market, and the prospects are very promising.


The "TPR" material is made of calcium carbonate bonded with polypropylene through a special process. Its structure is very similar to egg shells, containing 95% calcium carbonate, and the rest is adhesive polypropylene. This material can be processed by a variety of methods such as thermoforming, blow molding, injection molding, and extrusion molding. The surface is smooth and clean, and can be directly printed in multiple colors. Ice cream packaging products made of this material have appeared in markets such as Switzerland, Finland, the United States and Russia.


Request for environmental protection ice cream cup


For ice cream packaging materials, the material requirements are very strict. Packaging materials that do not pass the required quality are easily deformed or damaged during transportation, which may cause secondary contamination of ice cream by microorganisms, which directly affects product quality and terminal sales. Therefore, Sowinpak has noticed this serious problem, so all ice cream cups produced are environmental and biodegradable.


In addition, labels have many problems in the packaging of ice cream products, mainly because the production date and shelf life are not marked on the single packaged product, and the ingredient list is not marked correctly, such as the name of the additive used, product attributes, etc.


environmental protection ice cream cup


If you are looking for biodegradable and environmental protection ice cream cup with large/single serving/mini size, welcome to contact us for more detailed information, we' are fishing for the partner to build a shared eco-friendly products, and to be happy with ice cream and make the earth greener at the same time.