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October 20,2021

Ice cream is a dessert that can be eaten in many ways. The container used to hold ice cream usually takes this into consideration. Therefore, special types of ice cream cups may include large/single serving/mini ice cream cup. Today this article will discuss ice cream cups of different sizes.


The Difference between the Ice Cream Cups and Containers


large/single serving/mini ice cream cup



Sight our series of serving and storage items online and also you'll see 2 different product kinds up for sale-- ice cream cups as well as ice cream containers.

While these 2 products can look really similar in the beginning glance, they're really very different. The single serving ice cream cups have an open top that does not support the use of a lid, suggesting they're made for single-serving.

You'll desire these cups for single portions of ice cream, or ice cream that clients mean to eat in your store or get to every over the next couple of minutes.

The ice cream container are slimmer, taller as well as made to hold a cover. Containers are created to hold ice cream for an extended period of time, either as a single serving inside your shop's freezer or a consumer's home freezer.

In other words, ice cream cups are created for offering ice cream present moment, while containers are made to store ice cream over the long term.


Ice Cream Cups Sizes


We provide various sizes of ice cream cups, you can choose from single serving ice cream cups to whole ice cream cups according to your needs.


Mini Ice Cream Cup


These are the smallest ice cream cups offered. They're constructed from paper, come without lids and also are designed to hold a small portion of ice cream. Since these containers are tiny, they're suitable as a small or children' size offering choice.

Due to the fact that these mini ice cream cups are excellent for selling single servings of ice cream in corner store and other distribution electrical outlets.


Large Ice Cream Cup


Like other paper cups, these mini ice cream cups are designed to be disposable, with a low system price that makes them an easy addition to your organization. You can also personalize them to suit your organization, with a personalized logo design, color pattern or various other branding attributes.


These large ice cream cups are developed to hold numerous servings of ice cream, making them terrific for selling larger portions of your ice cream destined for customer's freezers.

Our tiniest to-go ice cream cups are the 14-ounce paper cups, which is made from PE layered non reusable paper. This cup fits a plastic lid (offered separately from the cup), can accommodate both cold and hot contents and has a thick, long lasting paper exterior.

The 16-ounce cups are a little larger and designed specifically for containing a whole cup of ice cream,or frozen yogurt.

Finally, the 32-ounce cups are the largest of the lot, providing adequate space for an enormous serving of ice cream. These containers are perfect for offering large amounts of your ice cream to consumers thinking about consuming it in your home as a dessert treat or snack.

All of our large ice cream cups are made using PE covered non reusable paper and function compatibility with plastic covers, which are offered independently.


We have ice cream cups of different sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a large/single serving/mini ice cream cups exporter, we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products. We are the large/single serving/mini ice cream cup Manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, exporter for sale.