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October 19,2021

Nowadays, with the increasingly demand in disposable cups, biodegradable cups were born. And  we can learn from its name that it is made of a biodegradable material so biodegradable cups are more friend to the environment than the ordinary disposable cups. Today we are going to talk about the benefits of biodegradable cups.


biodegradable large ice cream cup


Friendly to the environment


Biodegradable materials are generally made from organic materials, which tend not to cause much harm to the human body. Unlike plastic packaging, releasing toxic substances over a certain temperature, paper cups and boxes, with a good quality, are rarely harmful to human health.


And the biodegradable paper cups can be recycled through the garbage recycling station. After disinfection, these cartons can be turned into pulp again for paper making or other industrial production.

Biodegradable paper cups, in the production process will produce carbon emissions, but these substances can be recycled, can repeatedly create practical items, which greatly reduce the carbon emissions of items




Advertising on a biodegradable paper cup is a new advertising way born in the era of environmental protection, a highly accurate and effective advertising form. It is a kind of practical advertisement in concept. The degradable paper cup advertisement is to use the articles with practical functions as the advertising carrier for advertising release and delivery. In our daily life, we often contact with various types of paper cups, among which there are many advertising cups with more patterns. As a new publicity mode of the enterprise, the degradable paper cup has been applied in various enterprises. By printing various designs on degradable cups, can not only bring good mood to drinkers, but also play a good role in promoting enterprises.


Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd is a biodegradable large ice cream cup manufacturer,supplier,wholesaler,exporter for sale. The materials used to manufacture ice cream tub walls and lids are usually limited to coated cardboard or a small group of thermoplastic polymers. However, sometimes variations on these materials are considered, particularly if a brand is motivated to make the product more sustainable. We are likely to see more eco-friendly packaging coming into the market with pressure on large companies to cut plastic pollution. The UK Plastics Pact earlier this year has been signed by more than 40 large companies, requiring the elimination of single use plastic packaging, 100% of packages to be reusable, recyclable or compostable, and 30% of plastic packaging to include recycled material. Similar initiatives are seen internationally.


These strict guidelines will see a surge in biodegradable plastic and designs altered for multiple uses, so in the next few years, physical testing will become more important than ever before.


A Texture Analyser such as the TA.HDplus is an essential tool in studying the potential weaknesses of a newly designed package, from raw material to crush strength and label adherence.


Biodegradable large ice cream cup will not only protect our environment but also advertise your company. If you are looking for a biodegradable large ice cream cup wholesaler, we look forward to have this chance. If you have any need, please contact Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd freely.