The Advantages of Paper Tableware Make its Domestic and International Market Potential very Optimistic

September 23,2022

Paper tableware has been widely used in commerce, aviation, medium and high-grade fast food restaurants, and other fields.


Choose the Right Disposable Paper Cup, it must be Safe to Use

September 08,2022

With the upgrade of the "plastic ban order", disposable paper cups and tableware have become the most common substitutes.


Sowinpak Food Packaging Advantages

August 23,2022

Product packaging is not only convenient packaging of goods but also the most direct and vivid reflection of corporate image.


What is Recycled Paper?

August 09,2022

To better save resources, people began to look for more efficient ways to use paper. Recycled paper is a good choice.


Tips for Choosing Paper Cups

July 26,2022

Searching for a Paper Cups supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer from China, you can get high-quality products at a nice price.


3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Paper Cups

July 12,2022

When consumers buy and use paper cups, in addition to paying attention to factors such as the number of packages and label prices, they also need to pay attention to the following issues:


Pay Attention to the Selection of Disposable Tableware! You must Know these Three Points!

June 21,2022

Disposable dining utensils are usually made of plastic and paper. Common disposable plastic dining utensils include bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons and straws. Disposable paper dining utensils include paper cups, paper bowls, paper lunch boxes, etc. So, how to choose disposable tableware? What are the precautions?


Some Information about Ice Cream Tubs

June 08,2022

Paper used for packaging various commodity materials. It generally has a high physical strength and a certain amount of water resistance. According to the characteristics of commodities, packaging paper has the corresponding special properties.


Are our Commonly used Plastic Cup Covers Reliable in Terms of Safety?

May 26,2022

In many milk tea shops, fruit juice shops, soybean milk shops, and other places, people use disposable paper cups with a plastic cup cover on them when packaging liquids. We all know that plastic products are generally toxic after heating. Although the toxicity is very small, if we are exposed to a large amount, it will still be harmful to the human body, but so far, We haven't seen the news that the plastic cup cover causes human poisoning in the news reports, so is this commonly used plastic cup cover reliable in terms of safety?


What Are the Benefits of Food Packaging

May 13,2022

Proper packaging of food will bring great convenience and benefits to producers, storage and transportation, sales operators and consumers. In summary, food packaging can achieve the following direct effects: